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[wzr023 ] Craquetone - Wholesail Retale

[wzr023 ] Craquetone - Wholesail Retale

Label: Wazzotic
Catalog: wzr023
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 01.04.2009
Styles: Deep-House Minimal-House

1. Artistique
2. Dva piva & Dve Rumy
3. Grainsitter
4. Another Relocation

Source's preview
Its 1st of April today. Time to make fun of everybody by telling them fancied and true things and seeing them believing it. We at Wazzotic of course like fun, but today we are not making fun of you. We seriously offer you another portion of an example of true musical masterpiece. We are offering you our 23rd release which is for us very important and we are really proud of it. Its because of this release is made by one of the biggest talent of electronic music in the area of central Europe and his sound is purely supertemporal and of course multicontinental. This release is an excelent pack of stuff made my Mr. Craquetone also known as Tetsuo, originally from Slovakia. And his stuff for Wazzotic perfectly fits to our catalogue because of its slick electronic texture, really nice minimal and deep house sounds and arrangements, sensible energy making these tracks also more than suitable for dancefloor and also of its perceptible mind orientation. We are sure that these tracks mean much to their author and we can listen to this stuff all day long every day. So do you!
Let's fly back to central Europe with Craquetone and his way of music!

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