Techno-Релизы    2008    December
[AeTech011] P.C.M.N. - Dark Science

[AeTech011] P.C.M.N. - Dark Science

Label: Audioexit
Catalog: AeTech011
Format: File, MP3
Released: December 2008
Styles: Ambient Deep Techno
Size: 88.1 MB

Source's preview
Audioexit’s first complete album is Dark Science from P.C.M.N.
Although the tracks are in a wide spectrum, standing between two fine ambient works (Intro, Outro), the 8-track LP has a solid, clear off-beat sound well-known from the producer.
Plastic Love is almost break-like but very-very deep and its opposite is Powertool which is a simple, lighter techno track. On The Playground is more playful in sounds with classic elements but Carma is the counterpoint: cold dark-tech.
The structure of Sleepless, with traditional and smooth sound carpets is just an extra value in the LP also with the strict and exact techno of Organic Structures.

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