Ревью на новый релиз Positive Merge “Closing of the Season” (ENG)

Ревью на новый релиз украинского техно-музыканта Positive Merge (Aka Андрей Лановой) “Closing of the Season”, вышедшего на Monochrome Audio.

[MOAU001] Positive Merge - Closing Of The Season

Positive Merge Bio

(RUS) Positive Merge (Aka Андрей Лановой) талантливый украинский техно продюсер, вдохновленный минимальными тонкими звуками с легкими эффектами минимал техно и сумасшедшими тёмными басами с грувовыми лупами европейского техно основывает свой стиль в музыке. Андрей не ограничивает себя какими либо определёнными стилями и направлениями музыки, но в основном это Techno. В далеком 1998 г. работая ди-джеем Андрей понимает что не может жить без музыки и начинает смешивать разные стили ищя свой, экспериминтируя над звуками. Делает множество треков абсолютно разных направлений, записывая их на диски и раздавая друзьям для критики. И наконец в 2010 г выпуская свой первый релиз, понимает что его музыка, его стиль нравится не только его друзьям но многим другим людям в этом мире не зависимо от возраста и пола. За последние 2 года проект Positive Merge успешно выпускается на таких известных лейблах как Android Muziq, Repressure Recordings, Freitag Limited, Baroque Records, Dots Records, Shout Records, Gynoid Audio, Inmaterial Audio, сотрудничает с именитыми диджеями и известными продюсерами со всего мира.

(ENG) Positive Merge (Aka Andrey Lanovoy) is talented Ukrainian techno producer, inspired by a minimal fine sounds with light effects of minimal techno and crazy dark bass with groovy loops of European techno, founds his style in music. Andrey does not limit himself to any specific style and genre of music, but mostly it's Techno. Back in 1998 working as a DJ, Andrey realizes that he can not live without music and begins to mix different styles looking for his own one experimenting with the sounds. He makes a lot of tracks in completely different genres, and gives them to friends for critique. Finally in 2010, releasing his first single, understands that his music, his style is liked not only by his friends but by many other people in this world, regardless of age and gender. Over the past 2 years the project Positive Merge is successfully released on such well-known labels as Android Muziq, Repressure Recordings, Freitag Limited, Baroque Records, Dots Records, Shout Records, Gynoid Audio, Inmaterial Audio, collaborating with famous DJs and producers from all over the world.

“Closing of the Season” Review

“Closing of the Season” is the reason of this monumental exclusive vinyl release produced by Positive Merge. This release is a straight classic for the special playboy performers looking to shut that winter fuss of the non-believers and make them believers that this is summer is here and clear and get those bikini thongs and six pack abs in shape as its super techno action time with this melodic feature and effects to def! punch 4 real!

“Titan” (Original mix) is L.A. funk of a techno tune with some vibrant notion of epicenter earthquake motions. This is for serious techno bombers, not little tootsie roll candy ravers at the present movement as this track may give them nightmares.

“Untouchable” is Straight Al Capone – Murder-tastic and super dangerous, this track would make Elliot Ness quit the FBI and become an alcoholic. This is deception turmoil work at it best, as that superman packed bass line till you can’t get anymore. This is a made in trenches track to hurt the masses hard when you play this loud and proud. This is a 100% reason to buy this vinyl all day!

“Kaleidoscope” is really a little like, that a super trip of 3x the amount of acid bass-line, pitch and sound deception that i really only took one pill instead of two. Real outta control designed heart-beat techno not quite for my listening habit, but we can see the wild and crazy South East side of the world enjoying more then some others.

Support by: Anderson Noise, Brendon Collins, Andreas Florin, Mattias Fridell, Larix, Drumcomplex, Vegim, Energun, Woo York, Patrick Krieger & Other.

Artist: Positive Merge
Title: Closing Of The Season
Label: Monochrome Audio
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Release Date: 18 May 2012
Formats: Vinyl
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