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VKRS Netlabel
VKRS Netlabel

Styles: Electronic, IDM, Downtempo, Techno
Location:   Ireland
Date Established: 2010

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Our Netlabel releases are hosted by and Our latest Netlabel releases are also available from Soundcloud.

We release music from Artists from around the Globe and all VKRS netlabel releases are available as free downloads under a Creative Commons License. Our music policy is quite liberal and touches many different genres. VKRS releases the Purespace compilation collection and artists in album and EP digital download format. All our Netlabel releases are under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported license

If you would like to be considered for release on the VKRS Netlabel please contact Kev at VKRS for further information . Please note after you click submit you will be returned to the VKRS Homepage

Релизы VKRS Netlabel
VKRS Netlabel's releases

Vilande och stigande
Dub-Techno Mix  
Комментарии - 0
Deep-House Dub-Techno Mix  
Комментарии - 0
Morandi Experiment DJ Set Abstracted Forms Vol.002
April 2012
Ambient Dub-Techno Mix  
Комментарии - 0
Flashback EP
January 2012
Dub Dubstep  
Комментарии - 1
Music For Robots
Electronic IDM Chillout ...  
Комментарии - 0
Before I Go
Ambient Electronic IDM ...  
Комментарии - 0
Our Strangest Places
Ambient Electronic IDM ...  
Комментарии - 0
VKRS Purespace vol.06
Downtempo Electronic IDM ... Compilation  
Комментарии - 0
Lost at Sea Part II
Ambient Electronic IDM ...  
Комментарии - 0
Triple Alpha Process EP
Electronic IDM  
Комментарии - 0
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