Лейблы    Temiong Recordings
Temiong Recordings
Temiong Recordings

Sublabel: Betanol Records
Styles: Dub-Techno, Ambient, Experimental
Location:   Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date Established: 2010

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Temiong Recordings is born in Zárate’s city (Buenos Aires / Argentina) as alternative, independent response to the musical industry. Betting principally for the artists’ diffusion and the free and free distribution of his works.

Without be basing on the censorship of content, the auditory form ó visual of the project, but on his free expression; Temiong Recordings works as that of a record stamp at the moment of producing and to promote musical projects (such as álbumes or summaries). Supporting in turn the difference with the traditional stamps of the free distribution of the musical projects, under Creative Commons’s license.

Endlessly this to the artists’ search and new sounds; already be Dub Techno, Ambient, Experimental.

Релизы Temiong Recordings
Temiong Recordings's releases

We Leave At Dawn
August 2012
Ambient Dub  
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Some Dub
October 2011
Ambient Dub-Techno  
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Untitled EP
July 2011
Ambient Dub-Techno  
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I'm Lost EP
Dubstep Electronic  
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Escombro EP (Ayqix Rework)
Dub-Techno Techno  
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Dark Portuguese Submarine EP
January 2011
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