Лейблы    Schallwellenmagie


Styles: Electronic, Techno, House, Minimal
Location:   Germany
Date Established: 2011

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The Netlabel Schallwellenmagie was founded in 2011 by Jörg Neupert and Ralf Neumann.

As we love what we do and we do what we love, Schallwellenmagie is representing our desire for artistic freedom and the full control of all steps of producing and publishing music.

Remember: music is the only religion that delivers the goods – or the gods, if you prefer that.
Schallwellenmagie deals with diverse styles of electronic music. It might be dancefloor oriented or not- the main focus will always be the quality of the musically results.

Релизы Schallwellenmagie
Schallwellenmagie's releases

Electronic House Minimal-Techno ...  
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Aural Concepts
Ambient Dub-Techno  
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Vuelven los 90 EP
Electronic Techno  
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Zuckerlocke EP
Electronic House  
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Back and Forth EP
Electronic Techno  
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Knalltaucher EP
Electronic Tech-House Techno ...  
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Out of nothing
June 2012
Electronic House Minimal ...  
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