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Soluxion Records
Soluxion Records

Styles: Minimal, Techno, Experimental, IDM, Electronic
Location:   Berlin, Germany
Date Established: 2011

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Soluxion Records is a project that starts off from the development of experimental music up to more mad regular beats, it’s divided in two part: Soluxion Records Netlabel and Limited. This is the fundamental of the label: not only Minimal music but also Techno, Experimental, IDM, Electronic. The idea is to research, musically, a very different genre which enters our lives through the listening of always new genres. Soluxion Records wants to spread, play and listen to different kinds of music which they hope they can be impressive for the people who listen to them by giving their detailed imprint to the above said, so they leave to whom is listening the surprise of discovering the pleasure of moving and the taste of the listen, by filling the music with emotions and new vibes.

This is what Soluxion Records creates, gives and plays.

Релизы Soluxion Records
Soluxion Records's releases

Empty reflections EP
Ambient Experimental Minimal ...  
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Darkside EP
Ambient Minimal Techno ...  
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Boden EP
Acoustic Ambient Deep-Techno ...  
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Soluxion Bday
February 2012
Experimental IDM Minimal ... Compilation  
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Smooth Suitcase EP
Minimal Techno  
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