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Planet Eden

Planet Eden

Parent Label: Eden.Deeply
Styles: Deep, Minimal, Techno
Location:   Salzburg, Austria
Date Established: 2013

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Planet Eden is a non-commercial netlabel with the intention to promote deep minimal techno & techno artists all over the world. The Idea to found this netlabel came on the work on my other netalbel To cover all other genres of the eden.deeply.artists this is the first sub-label of eden.deeply promoting and releasing deep technoid music. We are not a commercial label - we are a community of friends and supporters. We help each other in all kinds of musical affairs a and even beyond this. And we all live the life of "Love, Peace & Harmony"

We all believe in the future of digital distributed music. Unlike many other labels that have moved to or created as a ‘pay’ format, Planet Eden remains a free Netlabel, catering to a wide audience of DJs and music collectors. However, free doesn’t mean crap quality music; in addition to finding new artists, Planet Eden will release qualitiy music from selected artists all over the world. The proof is in the download.

Релизы Planet Eden
Planet Eden's releases

Dramatic Entrance EP
June 2013
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