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Freitag Recordings
Freitag Recordings

Styles: House, Tech-House, Minimal, Techno, Electronica, Jazz
Location:   London, United Kingdom
Date Established: 2010

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Established in the summer of 2010 with agents in Zurich and Rome as a part of the already existing Freitag events in London established in 2007 by James Monday and Dimitry Slyusarenko.

As an independent label, Freitag is focusing to promote Artists in Electronic Music who have the creativity and ability to express themselves through their music. The idea behind Freitag is very simple, we do what we like and we are working with Artists who like what they do. We are helping young talented producers to release and giving them the freedom to grow.

The label is mainly an electronic music label dedicated to quality underground music but not restricted to any particular genre, some could be described as House, Tech House, Minimal, Techno, Electronica, Deep House and even Jazz , Acapellas and Instrumentals but all productions with the deep intelligent touch of the soul and the personalities of the Artists in the tracks.

Of course not all our releases are everybody`s taste and we are still underground. We try to work with a wide spectrum of music. We try to make sure that everybody can find something to suit their own taste by working with many different Artists. These are individuals with a brilliance in creativity. We believe in them and in their music which is produced with passion.

Music is not what it has been ten years ago. We understand that there are many different styles and tastes in music. People will always love music and different styles of music. Freitag has collaborated with many worldwide Djs, famous producers and a lot of other labels to support the newest future idea of music evolution. Some of the Artists already on Freitag`s own Atlas Digital release include John Hellson, Fedja Knajdl, Julio Largente, Kazu Kimura, Jorick Croes, Delano, Matias Valdmont , De Marchi and Serotonin Drops aka Bruno Gets.

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Freitag Recordings's releases

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May 2011
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