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Earth Mantra
Earth Mantra

Styles: Ambient, Dark ambient, Experimental
Location:   United States
Date Established: 2007

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Earth Mantra Netlabel is a privately owned and operated ambient music netlabel that exists for the sole purpose of sharing the music of certain artsts that we feel are of interest to ambient fans. Unlike a typical label, all of the music on Earth Mantra is available freely for non-commercial use.

In other words, it is free to download our music and share it with other people, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes, proper credit is given to the artist and to Earth Mantra, and no modifications to our releases are made.

We call Earth Mantra a netlabel since this is the traditional way to refer to any music label that distributes its music digitally under a Creative Commons license. For specific details surrounding our license and what you may (and may not) do freely under it, please visit the Creative Commons site. Put simply, our license means individual music lovers can legally enjoy our music to their heart's content, at no cost, with our complete blessing.

We are dedicated to publishing only high quality ambient music from some of the best musicians around. We work hard to carefully select those titles we will release and to ensure they are the kind of music that we think our listeners will love. Our artists range from world-reknowned folks who have played at the highest levels of the music industry to artists who are completely unknown and make music out of their homes. To Earth Mantra, the paramount factor is the quality of the music. It is our goal to bring the best ambient music possible to our listeners.

Релизы Earth Mantra
Earth Mantra's releases

City Skies 2010 Practices
Ambient Electronic Experimental ...  
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Ambient Electronic  
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Phobos and Deimos
Ambient Electronic  
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Abstract Ambient Electronic ...  
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Moments in Space
Ambient Electronic  
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Rumors From Cypress Town
Ambient Drone Electronic ...  
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Ambient Drone Electronic ...  
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Ambient Electronic New Age ...  
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Abstract Ambient Drone ...  
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Ambient Electronic  
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