Лейблы    Adeptlabel

Styles: Dub, Deep, Techno, House
Location:   Barcelona, Spain
Date Established: 2012

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Adeptlabel, hereafter Adept, is a launching platform for artists, its music, art and thought. Adept exists to fulfill its destiny: to publicise the generated contents by artists having an affinity. To sum up… increase their exposure.

Adept is delocalized as most contemporary artistic initiatives. It could have arisen in Beijing or in an American city, the particular place is not very important. We could say that Adept is global alike. Adept is amorphous.

The world is wide, and the people behind this initiative will be pleased to receive your demos, texts and initiatives. Contact in, use your file hosting service choice and eventually know the opinion we deserve your efforts. Anyway we will not know whether to look for new artists failing to scrutinize something that motivates us to look for them.

Adept would like to thank everyone involved in some way or another their contribution to the project.

Релизы Adeptlabel
Adeptlabel's releases

Noise Panorama
February 2013
Ambient Experimental  
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Up then Back
October 2012
Deep-House Dub-Techno  
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Touching The Lab
August 2012
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