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[bsc_031] Co-Op - This Machine Kills Fascists

[bsc_031] Co-Op - This Machine Kills Fascists

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_031
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: 28.02.2013
Styles: Ambient House

Sia's Guitar
This Machine Kills Fascists
We Have The Technology

Source's preview
Toronto based producer Co-Op (aka Oreste Camarra) is known for his innovative groove-based house tracks. His free form live performances and in-the-moment jam sessions involving a number of Co-Op contributors, transforms into becoming well executed, polished house voyages. Oreste’s lush brand of house develops slowly and reflects the eclectic and elastic nature of Co-Op.

“Sia’s Guitar” is driven by submerged chords, infectious guitar riffs, and well-timed hand claps, ultimately creating a lush unhurried house number that slowly gets better with each bar. “This Machine Kills Fascists” is a Western chill swagger with vocal samples by American folk musician Woody Guthrie, known primarily for his political songs. Guthrie often performed with the slogan This Machine Kills Fascists exhibited on his guitar, hence the title of this EP. Closing the release is “We Have the Technology?” a fluid layered organic percussion journey with light gliding ambience. Overall, Oreste’s slow-brewing excursions and mixing techniques provides an essential taste of chill refined house.

Co-Op contributors on this release include David Cowan, Sia Gee, Kelvin Ku, Johnny Lawrence, and Karim Sultan.

Sia's Guitar:
Produced by Sia Gee, Karim Sultan, Johnny Lawrence, and Oreste Camarra
Arranged, recorded and mastered by Oreste Camarra.

This Machine Kills Fascists:
Vocal samples by Woody Guthrie.
Produced by Kelvin Ku, David Cowan, and Oreste Camarra.
Arranged, recorded and mastered by Oreste Camarra.

We Have the Technology?:
Produced by David Cowan and Oreste Camarra.
Arranged, recorded and mastered by Oreste Camarra.


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