Techno-Релизы    2013    April
[SPF_focus001] Deni Diezer - spiel:feld?s deep focus

[SPF_focus001] Deni Diezer - spiel:feld?s deep focus

Label: s p i e l : f e l d
Catalog: SPF_focus001
Released: April 2013
Styles: Dub-Techno Podcast
Total time: 01:03:12
Size: 151.7 MB

00:00:00 Deni Diezer - The Depth Of The Mind (forthcoming on sub.spiele)
00:05:30 Minimal Boffin - Spring Rain(ge) (Cold Tear Records)
00:12:42 Fingers In The Noise - Wind Force Zero (FITN Records)
00:17:46 Ayqix - Manuyuk (Temiong Recordings)
00:25:40 Deni Diezer - Broken Time (unreleased)

Source's preview
s p i e l : f e l d ventures the next step - a new series with focus on very talented producers I?m very happy and thankful for this first collaboration - with Deni Diezer! He gave us a short mix of his own music - deep, slow dubtechno for a healthy heartbeat. I?m sure you?ll enjoy this journey! Listen, like, share & support Deni Diezer?s music!


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