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[FreeOsc67] Yurockolonia - Retroslavlje 2

[FreeOsc67] Yurockolonia - Retroslavlje 2

Label: Oscilator
Catalog: FreeOsc67
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: 01.11.2012
Styles: Electronic Abstract
Total time: 13:28

1. Pregled Programa 5:25
2. Salinitet 3:46
3. Selu U Pohode 4:16

Source's preview
Here is the new release by one of the oldest Oscilator artists Ensar Zgodic, also known as Greg Punkov, Riparaparap, Iumatico and Yurockolonia. This is the second part of the Retroslavlje edition, first one was published eight years ago, and this one also celebrates sound that we could enjoy as kids in the eighties during the various shows on Yugoslavian Radio and Television JRT. For the first part check out our releases from 2004.


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