Techno-Релизы    2012    November
[SLXR019] Moloc - Dungeon Playground EP

[SLXR019] Moloc - Dungeon Playground EP

Catalog: SLXR019
Released: November 2012
Styles: Experimental Minimal Techno

01. Moloc - Dungeon Playgroud 06:19
02. Moloc - Out of Place 06:42
03. Moloc - I need me 06:56

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The incommunicability of the beat doesn't mean emptiness. The sound is full, rich, valid. The contaminations make the ep of Moloc an explosion of interpretations that only structures its human mind could try to unhinge. The man is the same part of the melody, the emotions are reduced to simple inherent gestures in the anthropological nature of the human animal. In conclusion, this is an ep for any living being that feels out of ordinary.

Words by Lorenzo Salmi


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