Techno-Релизы    2012    November
[BOF-041] Akashic Crow's Nest - Supernaculum

[BOF-041] Akashic Crow's Nest - Supernaculum

Catalog: BOF-041
Released: 15.11.2012
Styles: Ambient Experimental Soundscapes
Total time: 01:06:40
Size: 152.7 MB

1. Supernaculum

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Akashic Crow's Nest, one of several recording projects of C.P. McDill, is oriented toward the creation of (effected and lightly orchestrated) generative sound art.

Prior works by Akashic Crow's Nest were made using Beepmap software in FLStudio. As of 2012, the project explores new territory with a new method, which is derived from sounds made via Forester. The glitchy, crackly, and lo-fi moments are an intentional part of the way this recording is generated, and they are to be enjoyed as auditory phenomena in their own right.

Supernaculum is a strange and varied trip through several dimensions of soundscapes, rhythms, looping fragments, and deep throbbing drones. A spelunk into the wine cellars of the mind.

As a long-form ambient work it is suitable both for background playing at lower volumes or intimate and focused listening with headphones.


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