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[DAST EXTRA 02] Various Artists - Dast Pure (Mixed Compilation)

[DAST EXTRA 02] Various Artists - Dast Pure (Mixed Compilation)

Catalog: DAST EXTRA 02
Format: 2 x File / double LP / mixed
Released: 08.07.2012
Styles: Abstract Techno Mix
Total time: 135:35
Size: 311 MB

DASTextra02_a / minimal mood

01.Mirko Edelmann - Reconnect Virtuality
02.Adelhorst - Genetical Settings
03.Nadejda Goes To Stardom - Minus Times Minus Effects
04.Koolkilla and Strehm - Analog Pixeling
05.Koolkilla and Strehm - Kleiner Raver
06.TAC.tiC - Boom,Bang!
07.Nadejda Goes To Stardom - Rektikal Vertikal
08.Mirko Edelmann - Brummzwirsel 1.2
09.Benjamin Strehm - Kontrast Klang
10.Dominic Infurna - Past Future
11.Tac.tiC - Repeat The Moment
12.Benjamin Strehm - Darkwhite
13.Benjamin Strehm - Zeitsprung
14.Adelhorst - Presszuckerwatte
15.TAC.tiC - Repixeling
16.Index 1 - German Bit
17.TAC.tiC - Wolkenspringen
18.Nadejda Goes To Stardom - Hand In Hand
19.Mirko Edelmann - In Der Sandershaeuser Str.
20.G.U.A - Da Way I Feel
21.Funke7 - 1000 Things
22.Benjamin Strehm - Like Us Only Better
23.Luftschiede - Change The Limits
24.Dominic Infurna - Leapyear
25.Vironica - Geogerzaehler
26.Mr.Dee - Terminology

DASTextra02_b / more electronic

1.TAC.tiC - At The T-L Radar (Strehm Edit)
2.Bestream - Infinity
3.Danijel R. - Through Africa(Benjamin Strehm Remix)
4.Strehm - Malinki Malchick
5.Funke7 - Days Of Orange Sunshine(The Web and CXXXVI Remix)
6.Strehm and Nadejda Goes To Stardom - Du und Ich
7.Nadejda Goes To Stardom - Hoffnung
8.Koolkilla and Strehm - Der Scheiss Hoert Sich(Funke7 Remix)
9.GUA - Bajal Ttantito
10.Koolkilla & Strehm - Over This(The Web Over That Remix)
11.Luftschmiede - Skyline Shade
12.Koolkilla - Synthetic Future
13.Koolkilla - Sins
14.Koolkilla - Jedi Night Of Dark Audio
15.Funke7 - Desired Constellation
16.Koolkilla - Regulation
17.Koolkilla and Strehm - Madness Mechanics Chor (Nadejda Goes To Stardom Remix)
18.The New Ego - Wenn Der Schatten Den Vogel Trift
19.Luftschmiede - Rum and Roland
20.SubstaK - Remerged(Funke7 Edit)

Source's preview
DAST Netlabel Various Artists mixed and compiled by Substak


26.09.2012 10:04
I just made my first sale online and wenatd to thank you so much, If it werent for you I may have never figured this out. Definately adding a bookmark to your site.
s. dauer
11.07.2012 16:46
Yes, the little dot on the Netaudio artists heaven "Substak" shines ever brighter from day to day. Meanwhile, he is on some netaudio-platforms to be represented. He prepares unhealthy food as a tasty meal. The special is its selection of the tracks and the magical athmosphere, that he creates in his mix sessions. We are delighted you this doubly charged VA Sampler Mix to present.

Special thx to Techno-Locator for the great support!

09.07.2012 17:25
Abstract touch! nice!
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