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[dig038] Mammal Footwork - Wallop Remix EP

[dig038] Mammal Footwork - Wallop Remix EP

Label: Diggarama
Catalog: dig038
Format: 4  File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps 
Released: December 2010
Styles: Deep-Techno Electronic House Minimal

01 Wallop (Deimos Remix)
02 Wallop (Yashpal vs. PsiloCybian Remix)
03 Wallop (Odium Remix)
04 Wallop (Sumea Natami Remix)

Source's preview
Depth sensation is the ability to move accurately, or to respond consistently, based on the distances of objects in an environment. We hope that this fine and deep (and we truly mean - fine and deep) release will make you respond accordingly. Previously released on the mighty Horns & Hoofs label by our very own producer PsiloCybian under his moniker "Mammal Footwork". Since the newly created and remixed EP didn't fit the label profile Wallop EP found its new home at the Diggarama house of style and groove. One man, one EP, four remixes. Like always, every artist took on the form he finds the most suitable and gave it some personal and clearly recognizable touch. From some kind of psy-tech to some seriously deep house that leans to almost minimal waters and with two deep soulful techno stompers (nick-nacks and everything included) meant for the dancefloors.

Wallop (Deimos Remix) - Truly a track that should and shurely will find its way to the dancefloors. It would perfectly fit into any house, mnml, or even techno set. A "Deimos" signature written all over it in notes, chords & beats.

Wallop (Yashpal vs. PsiloCybian Remix) - Energetic, yet still... Pushing, yet quite calm. Synths that will stab you right trough the myst of your thoughts on any-given-Sunday and pure & simple but fitting groove that'll make you move.

Wallop (Odium Remix) - Shuffled remix of Wallop by Odium is a true "move your body all around" track. Whispers in the night just won't do this time. Windy and reverb-lovely and at the same time maybe the most aggresive remix on the EP. Mnml techno lovers, here's your treat. Catch!

Wallop (Sumea Natami Remix) - What begins as a pure mnml bass-driven track, ends up to be a upgrading, slowly click-2-click movement in the track. Violins, deep bass and a mellow melody will make you move your shoulders as this track would fit fine in some calmer mix and even a home listening in piece.


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