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Ruter Records
Ruter Records

Styles: House, Techno, Electronic
Location:   México City, Mexico
Date Established: 2006

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Ruter Music since 2006 is a global label located in Mexico city and is created for the concern of young guys to release and rise up established and new artists whose only purpose is to share their music around the world.

Ruter is dedicated to release avant-garde electronic music that can be enjoyed at home as well as in the dancefloor, music that sits within modern, off-beat house & hypnotic techno.Ruter net label is our virtual plataform that is dedicated to release and support new artists in the beginning of their career as music producers and dj`s.

Ruter Net releases are free download and sharing under the creative commons music sharing license. (by-nc-nd 2.0).

Релизы Ruter Records
Ruter Records's releases

Ruter Podcast 30
February 2013
Disco Funk House ... Podcast  
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Ruter Podcast 29
November 2012
House Podcast  
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Ruter Podcast 28
October 2012
Deep-House Disco Funk ... Podcast  
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Iszen / Hardines
Abstract Electronic Experimental ...  
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Ruter Podcast 27
August 2012
Deep-House Podcast  
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