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Kopoc Label
Kopoc Label

Styles: Techno, Dub, Ambient, House
Location:   Madrid, Spain
Date Established: 2012

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Kopoc Label is a multidisciplinary platform created in 2007 Madrid by artists from various fields, covering several genres but always from the more underground approach.

Kopoc is a meeting point for artists which aims to provide quality rather than quantity, influenced mainly by Techno, Dub, Ambient and House music.

The purpose of this initiative is to give voice to independent artists who wants to present their music and share an alternative point of view about creative scene.

We believe in artistic and cultural freedom so all our references are under Generic Creative Commons 3.0 Licence. Click on CC banner to get more information about this licence.

Релизы Kopoc Label
Kopoc Label's releases

Kopoc Podcast 07
September 2012
Ambient Dub-Techno Podcast  
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