Лейблы    Groovecaffe

Styles: Electronic, House, Techno
Location:   Zagreb, Croatia
Date Established: 2006

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Independent net label currently operated from Croatia, focusing on distributing electronic music in digital format since 2006, driven by pure enthusiasm and love for music, not just “electronic” tone. Their “motto” to make a shift away from the mainstream of established concepts,seeking a middle way, exploring various electronic styles and genres, promoting new artists and their musical visions.

We will also encourage collaboration of musicians from different labels and backgrounds in purpose of creations of new visions on previous releases. The main aim of this collaboration are projects created from new sound visions, and by compiling old ones the combinations of new sound pleasure is yet to come.

Релизы Groovecaffe
Groovecaffe's releases

State Of Mind EP
Ambient Downtempo IDM ...  
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Octopus EP
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We Are Sounds LP
November 2011
Abstract Ambient Dub ...  
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5th Anniversary
Ambient Downtempo Dub ... Compilation  
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Dream Vending Machines EP
July 2011
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Swim with the tide EP
Ambient Minimal-House Minimal-Techno ...  
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