Лейблы    Cold Tear Records
Cold Tear Records
Cold Tear Records

Styles: Dub, Techno, Minimal, Electronic, Ambient
Location:   Lithuania
Date Established: 2010

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Cold Tear Records is an underground electronic music label, started in 2010 March, out of frustrasion by label's owner Evaldas who is known under monikers of SoulSonic, Giriu Dvasios and 101. The frustration was about sending demos to labels and expecting the answer from someone. So Evaldas decided to start his own label and release his music there. Cold Tear Records also releases music by other artists as well. It is now a number one electronic music label in Lithuania.

Feel free to send a demo.

Релизы Cold Tear Records
Cold Tear Records's releases

Deepchord Avenue
September 2013
Ambient-Techno Dub-Techno  
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Summer Nights
Ambient-Techno Deep-Techno Dub-Techno ...  
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Little Piece of Perseverance
July 2013
Ambient Drone Dub ...  
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June 2013
Chillout Dub Dub-Techno ...  
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Acid Breakbeat Electronic ...  
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Palescent Tints
April 2013
Ambient Chillout Electronic ...  
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Hidden Way Between Some Rains
March 2013
Ambient Chillout Dub ...  
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February 2013
Dub Dub-Techno  
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Osaka and Manipulated Loops
Ambient Deep Dub-Techno ...  
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Joy Of Being
Ambient-Techno Deep-House  
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