Лейблы    Breathe

Styles: Electronic music
Location:   Mexico
Date Established: 2008

Breathe - netaudio-ресурс, не для выгоды, только для продвижения независимых артистов. Электронная музыка. Если Вы заинтересованы в участии, пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами. Но пожалуйста, сначала прослушайте наши продукты. Проект поддержан Quetzal Contla в союзе с Netlabels & News.

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Breathe is a netaudio resource; is not lucrative, only to promote independent artists. Eclectic music. If you are interested in participating, please contact us. But please, first listen to our production. The project is maintained by Quetzal Contla in alliance with Netlabels & News.

Since June of 2008, Breathe Compilations is a netlabel for eclectic tunes and graphics based in Mexico.
We release our work with different types of Creative Commons Licenses please read before download, the use for mixes, podcast and radioshows are allowed.

Релизы Breathe
Breathe's releases

Live on Baumann Festival Breathe Live 04
November 2011
IDM Industrial  
Комментарии - 2
11 Songs and Lyrics, with a Beginning and an End, Sometimes
October 2011
Ambient Electronic  
Комментарии - 0
He and other both creatures
September 2011
Ambient Jazz Improvisation ...  
Комментарии - 0
Círculo Polar
August 2011
Комментарии - 1
See Through The Dust
July 2011
Комментарии - 1
Remixes Nahuales EP
June 2011
Dub Electronic  
Комментарии - 1
May 2011
Ambient Electronic Experimental ...  
Комментарии - 1
In Treatment
February 2011
Ambient Electronic Acoustic ...  
Комментарии - 1
January 2011
Ambient Electronic IDM ...  
Комментарии - 0
Phantastico Dogma Remixes
November 2010
Ambient Deep-Techno Downtempo ... Compilation  
Комментарии - 1
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