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BFW Recordings
BFW Recordings

Styles: Ambient, Shoegaze, Indie, Glitch, Experimental, Electronica
Location:   Manchester, United Kingdom
Date Established: 2009

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BFW Recordings is a brand new netlabel bringing the best new music from around the world to you free!

We are always looking for new, original music to release.
We say, ambient, shoegaze, experimental, electronica in the blurb but we are interested in anything new and interesting.
We release all our music as free downloads - so no one pays or gets paid - if you came here to get rich, you came to the wrong place!
Send 2 or 3 finished tracks to (no more than 17MB of attachments per email please) with some info about yourself and what you would like to release through BFW Recordings.
We listen to evreything that is sent to us and reply to everyone but please be patient as this can take some time.
We currently cannot accept demos on CD.
If, after all that, you are still interested, we look forward to hearing from you.

Релизы BFW Recordings
BFW Recordings's releases

The Corn Field Theory
November 2010
Ambient Drone Experimental ...  
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November 2010
Ambient Drone Experimental ...  
Комментарии - 0
Bad Weather
Комментарии - 1
Ambient Electronic  
Комментарии - 1
Hamworthy Common
Комментарии - 0
Drone Dance EP
Electronic Glitch IDM ...  
Комментарии - 0
Crystalline EP
Ambient Downtempo Experimental ...  
Комментарии - 1
A Vorkinzeebark
Ambient Electronic Experimental ...  
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Took A Walk EP
Ambient Experimental Indie ...  
Комментарии - 0
Slow Motion
Ambient Dub Experimental ...  
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